Connecting with our purpose is paramount to our health and well-being, and may very well be the ultimate missing piece when it comes to unlocking our purest expression of Self. Without the active nourishment of our inner world and environment, we will inevitably feel as though something is lacking or that we are constantly chasing after the person we know we are meant to become.


I have found in my own experience that we can eat well and move our bodies all we want, but if we don’t have nourishing inputs coming through our mental/emotional filters, it becomes very challenging to merge with our highest state of being. It is equally, if not moreso, important that we feed our minds and energy with high quality thoughts, feelings, and connections, as it is to move and feed our bodies properly. This includes the type of people we expose ourselves to and keep within our inner circle, the quality of our internal chatter, abundant self-care, and the way we treat ourselves on a day to day basis.


For a moment, just close your eyes. Take a deep breath into your belly, release it with a big sigh, then check in with your heart – what would your life look like if there was nothing holding you back? What would you do with this one precious life if you could release perceived obligations, the expectations of others, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt? How would your life shift if you decided, right now, that you would start showing up everyday as the best version of yourself? What would that feel like?


So often, we live our lives for other people – whether it be because other people expect us to live or act in a certain way, or that we are afraid we might be judged or criticized for showing up more authentically or expanding into our fullest expression of self. We tell ourselves stories, whether consciously or subconsciously, that we are better off living small or that we don’t deserve a life of greatness. I think the real issue is that we don’t know where to start.


To choose a life of greatness takes a lot of courage and vulnerability, and it requires us to start asking ourselves some hard questions about the kind of person we truly want to be remembered as. We are only guaranteed this one life, and I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that time is not slowing down for anyone. We always have a choice: start choosing the actions and responses that get us the life we want, or continue to play small. What are you going to choose?


 The key to living a life that is in alignment with our deepest knowing is to move into the space of profound self-reflection and humility – deciding to finally face and honour all our shadows, the parts of us that don’t always feel so good. This is where our most important life lessons are hiding. Beneath the shadows, we find true wisdom and enlightenment.


The thing is, the stuff that feels uncomfortable is what has been leeching into other areas of our life, such as our relationships, work life, and the way we respond to external or internal stimulus. As a result, we often find ourselves stuck in patterns that are out of alignment with who we truly are and that do not serve our highest purpose.


Due to this natural tendency of human beings to shy away from and repress our internal turmoil, we begin to subconsciously store all the energetic memories of our emotional traumas, both big and small, in the tissues of our body. More often this pattern begins from a very young age, and we continue to build up pressure throughout our lives until our bodies reach a threshold. This can sometimes result in physical illness, mental or emotional disturbance, internal and/or external conflicts, and other less than pleasant manifestations within the body.

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What many people don’t realize is that feelings and thoughts create actual chemistry in the body – every thought, every feeling, results in the creation of a physical response. We feel this as anger and anxiety in our bellies; grief, sadness, and physical heartache in our chest; the memory of words caught in our throats when we were unable to speak our Truth etc. The physical energy behind all these feelings gets stuck in the body when it isn’t given the opportunity to move through us unhindered, and so often we simply don’t have the tools to handle these sensations effectively. The result of this is a tendency to turn to myriad distractions to avoid having to try to make sense of all that we are feeling inside.


We are not alone in responding this way, and it is important to forgive past versions of ourselves for not knowing what to do with the discomfort. To suppress our emotions and trauma is a natural response, and without support it can feel impossible and overwhelming to understand.


You reading this now is by far no coincidence – my philosophy is that every interaction and experience is the Universe’s way of communicating with us. We just have to be willing to listen.


In order to truly heal and unlock the best version of ourselves, we have to set off on a journey of self discovery, seeking to understand who we have been up until now and who we most want to become. We have to start rewriting our story, and begin treating ourselves with the kind of care we would give to someone we Love. More importantly, we have to start believing that we are worthy and deserving of that Love.


There are many tools and practices that exist to begin shifting our mindset and releasing our past in order to help us move forward in a more confident and empowered way. I offer many services that will quickly set you into alignment with your divine purpose, such as private coaching, guided meditation, spiritual guidance, and energy healing. Perhaps this is the wake up call you have been waiting for – I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch you RISE!

xo Cecilia

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