Who am I?

Cecilia Mackie

Cecilia is a spiritual development coach, universal channel & channeler for The Goddess Collective, psychic medium, and teacher of meditation, primal movement, and spirituality.

Throughout my adolescence and into my early adult years, I struggled deeply and quietly with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, severe OCD, lack of self-esteem, body dysmorphia, and eating disorder, and this ultimately lead me down a very intense path of self-discovery, exploration, and deep spiritual healing. Today, I am grateful to say that I have not only liberated myself from the grip of mental illness, but I now find myself in a vibrant state of joyous health and wisdom, with a deep reverence for the beautiful potential that Life holds. Having learned how to heal my own inner world, I now endeavor to help others unlock their personal power and come into alignment with who they truly are and who they were always meant to be.

My Journey


My journey initially started with nutrition, with the intention to resolve my mental health issues and understand how to heal the body with food. After coming to understand how much food influences our internal world, I was driven to learn everything I could about eating closer to nature and began studying holistic nutrition in 2013. Since then, I have remained dedicated to my eating practices, and continue to grow and evolve my knowledge base around what it means to eat holistically, and why nourishing the body naturally is so important. Having healed my own relationship to food, I was for a very long time driven to help others shift their habits and thought patterns surrounding the food we eat and the choices we make. Although this background in holistic eating continues to influence my offering in a profound way, it is no longer my primary focus.


I began my fitness journey in my early adolescence, taking up martial arts, dance, running, and a daily workout routine. Later, I began my yoga practice using DVDs that I would practice at home. Around age 17, I made my way into a proper yoga studio and fell madly in love with the practice and all it’s powerful healing benefits. However, in 2016 I discovered the Bowspring algorithm – a wildly dynamic, functional, and deeply primal movement practice, and began training one-on-one with my teacher, Elisha Jane. The practice made me strong and light, taught me how to use my body in a healthier, more functional way, and has since transformed every aspect of my life both on and off the mat. I officially gave up yoga in 2017, and completely shifted my focus to this revolutionary practice. I have not looked back since.


Above all else however, I can say with confidence that turning my heart towards a spiritual path has been the most critical shift in my healing and wellness journey, and is by far my most powerful offering. I was raised non-religious, and although I dabbled in spirituality as a child – reading the bible and finding comfort in prayer – I eventually turned away from it as I moved into early adolescence and became “religiously atheist”, rooting my faith firmly in science and logic.

I began to shift my perspective in 2010, when I was invited by a friend to a Christian festival. This event, although putting me exceedingly outside my comfort zone, left me with one very important realization: this may not be the right path for me, but I knew with certainty that I was desperate to feel whatever it was they were feeling in there – that faith, that devotion, that Love for something bigger than ourselves.

The philosophy and practice of yoga eventually became my church, and I began seriously studying the yogic path in 2012 – reading yogic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. As well, I had heard about Vipassana meditation in 2014, and finally got up the courage to attend a ten-day silent meditation course in January 2016. My only intentions going in were to challenge my capacity and to strengthen my seated meditation practice.

However, I didn’t realize just how potent this practice could be, and mid-way through the course I experienced my first awakening experience and was never the same again. The wisdom and healing that came through was powerful, and from there I began to change my inner world on a grand scale.

I began pulling the weeds from my inner garden relentlessly, meditating daily and paying close attention to everything that occurred within the confines of my mind and body. I took careful inventory of what programs had been running subconsciously all my life, how and why they had been put into place. I completed multiple 10-day silent meditation courses, a vision fast in Death Valley, read countless self-help and spiritual books, explored the practice of raising vibrations in the body and tapping into our innate psychic powers, attended workshops with channelers, teachers, monks, and shamans, listened to lectures and speeches from every spiritual teacher I could find, took wisdom from tarot, astrology, and Source Herself, and began ceremoniously incorporating plant medicine and other sacred psychoactive medicines, such as psilocybin mushrooms, bufo alvarius, cannabis, and ayahuasca, into my lifestyle.

I have been jumping deep into the mystical abyss, and now I am dying to share the wisdom I have gained from this journey with the world, in hopes that it might be the Light that guides others towards their own path to healing. I work primarily as a spiritual development coach, psychic medium, channeler for the collective consciousness referred to as The Goddess, and as a shamanic energy healer. I feel extremely grateful and profoundly humbled to have the opportunity to offer myself in service in this way, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us all as we rise into a higher state of conscious evolution together.

xo Cecilia

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